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An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is like no other vehicle; it feels like a bike yet handles like a car. It offers incredible traction yet little protection, although used extensively in the outdoor world operators are rarely trained, this can be an awkward position to defend if things go wrong. Whether you have a sit astride quad bike or a sit in ATV we can tailor a course to meet your needs.

We can use our equipment and training grounds or travel to your location using your own ATV.

If we use a clients ATV they must be fully insured for the event and properly maintained, Full P.P.E. equipment must be supplied for each trainee, including an approved safety helmet. Every ATV will have a thorough safety check before training starts and unsafe, badly maintained machines will not be used. Make sure each machine has a handbook available, as it is essential to have the tyres inflated to manufacturers recommendation.

ATV Safety Awareness Course

The course starts with a detailed look at the way the ATV works and the basic maintenance required to keep them in a safe and reliable condition. After the theory session you start driving on level ground, gradually advancing to gentle hills and then on to side slopes, ditches, gullies and steeper hills, finishing with a safari drive around the training grounds.

This one-day course can accommodate up to 4 riders per instructor and satisfies an employer’s legal obligation to provide adequate training. Each trainee will receive a certificate of attendance and users guide.

If the training needs to include loads, implements and trailer towing/reversing this can be covered in the one day course although it will be necessary to reduce the number of riders to 3 max per instructor/course

Whether you have a sit astride quad bike or a sit in ATV we can tailor a course to meet your needs.

British Off Road Driving Association
ATV Stage one Training

For those that require a nationally recognised Health and Safety certificate, we offer a one-day basic handling course following an accredited syllabus. This is more intensive than our attended course and BORDA limits attendance to 2 trainees per machine available. (max of 4 if 2 machines used) Each Attendee receives a BORDA certificate for basic handling and a users guide

A follow on module for loads, implements and trailers is available for those requiring it.

If attendees are experienced it may be possible to include this module in the one-day course .If attendees are novice riders it will require a second day to complete this module.

An enhanced certificate is issued by BORDA on completion of this module

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