Snow, Ice, Adverse Conditions Driver Training

All Terrain Services - Snow, Ice & Adverse Conditions Driver Training

Safe and Secure, Not Sliding into Danger

Drivers dread the thought of bad driving conditions, with snow and ice being the most dreaded.

It doesn’t have to be that way as a solid piece of training and experience, practical and theory, can transform the way a driver thinks and reacts to potentially dangerous situations, taking them from frightening, to controlled.

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New Employee - Driver Evaluation & Assessment

Compliant with Peace of Mind

Letting loose a new employee in a company vehicle is a scary enough prospect, let alone letting them loose off road.

You can gain the peace of mind and compliance level required with an Evaluation and assessment course with certification.

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New Employee - Driver Evaluation & Assessment

Team Building Sessions

All Terrain Services - Team Building

Forging relationships through alternative activities

Taking your team out of the work environment and into a different environment certainly removes many of the barriers that prevent personal development and recognition of abilities.

While away from the workplace carrying out a range of different tasks and activities, you get to see a different side to many of your employees, as they build new relationships.

We are able to design sessions to suit your budget, and can include not only our off-road 4×4 vehicles, but archery and shooting and more. Get in touch to find out more, we will be glad to help you.

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Safari & Adventure Training

Keeping You, Your Passengers, and Your Vehicle Safe

An Off Road Safari be it in the UK or abroad can be great fun. It also carries great risks for you your passengers and your vehicle. 

Why not come along and get the benefit of our knowledge of travelling in the UK and abroad on off road trekking?

Enjoy the same level of traning we use for our employees and safari customers, that ensures you can trek in safety and legally.

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Other Services

We provide a full professional training service, so why not contact us to discuss your requirements.